Important Shipping Information

  1. Tartar sauce items will be shipped inside the continental USA only. Delivery outside the continental USA may take too long to ensure proper freshness.
  2. Mose’s Fish Shop Tartar Sauce and Tartar Sauce Mix are perishable. They are shipped expedited to ensure maximum freshness.
  3. Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota: for shipping addresses in these states, the shipping charge is $30 for 1-6 jars. Boxes are shipped via Spee-Dee Delivery, or a similar service.
  4. All other states in the continental USA: for shipping addresses in these states, the shipping charge is $42 for 1-5 jars. Boxes are shipped via FedEx, or a similar service.
  5. Packages are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All orders placed after 12:00 noon Central time on Wednesday may be held for shipment until the following Monday to avoid sitting in the shipping facility over the weekend.
  6. Plan to receive your delivery. If you will not be home to receive the items at the time of delivery, find a friend or family member who will take the items in and put them into proper cold storage on arrival. Please plan your delivery so that your order will not be left in a warm location.
  7. We do not recommend shipping to PO Box addresses. If you do ship to a PO Box, check with your post office daily for delivery.
  8. Do not be alarmed if items arrive in a state of thawing. There are no animal-based ingredients that pose a health risk of going bad by being exposed to some heat during the final part of delivery.